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PLR to Profits Course Review

By the would be astrophysicist Charles L Harmon

PLR to Profits coursePLR to Profits is an in-depth online workshop to help with basic and more advanced marketing. The workshop is over but they kept all the recordings, blueprints, checklists and everything else, so you can benefit from the sessions as if you were there.

It is a great self-study opportunity where they walk you through everything step-by-step, ensuring you develop the skills you need to make PLR grow your business.

Registration to the Course

Your registration fee to the course gives you some extras which enable you to profit from the course long after you take it.
Here’s what you get:

  • A license to their Speedy APLC Publisher. It saves time to load and schedule your content to WordPress. You can publish content automatically or save it as a draft for later use or monetization.
  • You get access to all session recordings.
  • You get the handouts, cheat sheets and templates.
  • —–

  • Interactive help. You have the ability to ask questions, get feedback and more through your online classroom. We want to make sure you fully understand all the material and can apply it to your business.

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    PLR to Profits Course Objectives

    • Learn to quickly publish your PLR to your WordPress site. If you don’t use WordPress, they have suggestions for keeping on top of your content publishing.
    • Help to customize your content to suit your style, voice, and to better connect with your audience.
    • Monetizing your content and selecting products to promote. How to effectively sell your products through content.
    • How to building your mailing list of highly targeted subscribers, so you can monetize and sell even more products.
    • How to market with slide shows. Ways to deliver quality information to your readers in slide show format and make money while doing it.
    • How to promotion and build traffic.

    Course Contents

    The Course Contents is broken down into 6 main sessions. It covers getting your content published easily through how to get more traffic and sales.

    1. Easy Publishing Sessions
    2.               -They take you through the basics of getting your content up on your website quickly and easily.
                    -How to Install and Activate the Speedy APLC Publisher plugin ready for use on your site.
                    -Loading Content to WordPress in Just a Few Clicks using the Publisher plugin and a few other tricks.
                    -Tips if you don’t use WordPress and a session with suggestions for working through your PLR content quickly.
                    -Documents Included in Module 1: Instructional video and a lifetime license for Speedy APLC Publisher.

    3. Customization Sessions
    4.               -Add your own look, feel, and voice to your content. real-life examples.
                    -PLR Customization Checklist. Customizing Your PLR Checklist to apply what you learned in the recordings.
                    -Optimizing Your Content for SEO: audio/video recordings how to optimize your content for search engines.
                    -SEO your PLR: through easy-reference SEO Checklist covering on-page/off-page optimization techniques.
                    -WordPress Plugin Tutorial: walk you through using a free WordPress plugin for SEO techniques.
                    -Adding Images to Your Content: where and how to find quality images (many FREE) for your content.
                    -Includes a written guide, “Using Images to Get Attention and Create More Engagement with Your Content”
                    -Examples: a practical application of these techniques. 6-page guide to ensure you know what to do next.
                    -Documents Included: 2 checklists, 4 audios, 3 illustrated tutorials, reference sheet and 4 videos.

    5. Monetization Sessions
    6.               -How to Find Products to Promote: how to find the right products to promote with your content.
                    -Redirect Your Affiliate Links: how to control and track your affiliate links. Also includes javascript.
                    -How to Promote Products in Your Content: copywriting techniques and how to apply them.
                    -High Impact Ways to Incorporate Copywriting and Persuasion into Your PLR Content in an 8-page guide.
                    -Documents Included: 3 audios, instructional guides, reference sheets, WordPress plugin, 3 videos, more.

    7. List Building Prep Sessions
    8. Marketing with Slides Sessions
    9. Traffic Building Sessions

    The last three sessions listed above cover a lot more territory, which I’ll let you find out more about on your own if you’re seriously interested in turning your Private Label Rights products into profits. Suffice it to say there is a wealth of information in this PLR to Profits course.

    If you have any PLR just gathering dust on your harddrive don’t let it go to waste. This course will give you a thumbs up toward making excellent use of idle PLR plus how to make it worth money to you.

    I feel confident this course will show you the way to good use of private label rights and profits to boot.

    PLR to Profits review

    I was so impressed with their offer for this course I opted to buy it myself, even though I’ve been making good use of PLR for over ten years. You can always learn more tricks and I’m the first one to admit I certainly don’t know all of them when it comes to PLR content.

    PLR to Profits Review
    • Cost
    • Quality
    • Instructions
    • Contains audio/video/ or images
    • Completeness


    PLR to Profits is a multimedia course on how to make good use of PLR or Private Label Rights products. It includes how to use your old PLR or turn any PLR into money in your pocket.

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