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BuyhealthPLR Site Review – Health PLR from a Health Field Graduate

By Carolyn Kay Mante is a company owned and operated by Miss Kim Phoenix, an online blogger and a degree holder in the health field. It was founded by Miss Phoenix because she felt that in the online business, starting her own PLR company will allow here to serve online entrepreneurs better by giving them high quality contents, which she could also be proud of. This BuyhealthPLR Site Review should shed some light on her excellent products.

In the past, she used to purchase PLR contents from other online suppliers in order to fill up her website with contents since she doesn’t have the luxury of time to do research and write articles herself. However, she noticed that the quality of contents given to her were not that great, that is why she decided to start I hope this BuyhealthPLR Site Review highlights her PLR.


BuyhealthPLR focuses on 4 health category articles:

1. Physical health PLR,
2. Mental health PLR,
3. Environmental health PLR, and
4. Financial health.

Health conscious people that are planning to start a health awareness business online are the ones that should purchase Ms. Phoenix’s PLR articles. Since health articles need to be very detailed and precise, it is best that people who write articles about health should know what they are talking about or they have an extensive experience in that field.
Just like any other PLR suppliers, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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1. A solid healthcare background
The owner of the site has a very solid healthcare background which allows her and her team to easily make articles regarding health. If you are planning to start an online business promoting health or any health products, buying articles from this company is a very good choice.

2. No membership lock in
Once you plan to become a member of BuyhealthPLR, expect there are no extra fees or any lock-in deals, your membership is free and all you have to do is simply buy PLR articles from them.

3. The different PLR products offered can immediately be used
You can immediately use the PLRs that you have bought from this company. The articles being sold are designed for users to immediately use the product. Since every PLR is well researched, expect that their clients will get satisfactory results.

4. Kim has an offer for a free pack of PLR. This is good because you can see the quality of her PLR before you buy. As I write this today this is the currently available free PLR: Grab your Free quality Acne PLR right now!


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1. Their website looks plain
Some people are very meticulous and they have trust issues. An improvement with their website’s image or theme would allow them to sell more products and increase their credibility. Since there are many online scammers that are present on the internet, image is a must when it comes to capturing the heart of potential buyers.

2. Less products are offered
There are only a few products offered on their website; the choices are very limited. However, their PLRs are well researched and are very useful to people who are into the health and fitness business.


Products Offered

BuyhealthPLR has the following products that available on their website:

1. Male Menopause (Andropause) PLR
2. Pregnancy Graphics (for Social Media)
3. Motivational PLR Graphics
4. Hypothyroidism PLR Pack
5. Weight Training for Beginners PLR
6. Heart Disease/Health PLR Pack
7. Acne PLR (Natural Options)
8. Fitness PLR Pack
9. Depression PLR Pack
10. Body Detox PLR
11. Stress PLR
12. Weight Management PLR
13. School Stress PLR Pack

Among all the products listed above, the most sellable and eye catching is the Male Meopause (Andropause) PLR. This is not common and it requires intensive research in order to write an article about it. For just $5 USD, buying such PLR will save online entrepreneurs more time and money since it is well written and researched.

It is not hard for clients to find’s products since their products are posted in their home button. The company also offers an affiliate program for anyone who wants to sign up and make money while promoting BuyhealthPLR. The affiliate commission given an individual person will receive as high as 50%.

Overall, is a good choice if you are promoting health and fitness. Since their PLR’s prices range from $5 – 27 USD, you can expect to get what your your money’s worth. I hope this BuyhealthPLR Site Review gives you an incentive to go to her site and see for yourself if she has any PLR you can make use of.

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