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PLR Mini Mart

PLR Mini Mart Site Review – “Ghostwriter to the Gurus”

By web copywriter Patrick Brian O’Neill

Today we conduct a PLR Mini Mart review. The PLR site was launched and is run by the “Ghostwriter to the Gurus”, the talented Tiffany Lambert. Tiffany has been commissioned by such top Internet marketing legends as John Reese, Rich Schefren, Harlan Kilstein, Travis Sago and many more because her writing works, and works well.

Those seven-figure-a-year marketers trust Ms. Lambert to produce content for them that effectively converts lookers into buyers, and now you can have her writing content for you. The tag line seen on the header of this clean and distraction free PLR website is “No Membership Required”. The focus is on getting you “higher profits using quick and easy content,” and most of the PLR packages Tiffany sells are just $1 per page.

Ms. Lambert states that she only has two rules for her content – you cannot pass along PLR rights, and you cannot use her name on the content. A big benefit here is she allows you to alter her PLR articles, e-mails, reports, and sales funnels any way that you see fit. You can even break down packages and individual pieces if you like.

The topics offered at PLR Mini Mart are extremely diverse. There are online and off-line business marketing PLR packs, the same that you find at most public label rights websites. These include common topics like quitting smoking, anti-aging, driving traffic and working at home.

But the prodigious amount of the content Mrs. Lambert creates means there is virtually no limit to the number of topics you find on this site. From sleep disorders to selling your home, a nice guys dating guide to gardening, heart health and saving money, the extent of the different types of PLR topics offered here really needs to be seen.

One of the most popular types of products offered at PLR Mini Mart is a handy package which includes 52 articles and an in-depth report on a particular topic. You can consider this a PLR “business in a box”.

PLR Mini Mart Survival Preper PLR

The 52 articles can be loaded into your e-mail autoresponder, with one going out each week. This gives you a hands-off way to keep in contact with your list and build a relationship. Those 52 articles/e-mails are 1 page each, and this package is accompanied by a 5 page report.

Give the report away as an incentive for people to join your list, and then deliver the articles to that list weekly. You can also simply use the articles as blog posts, adding one per week to your website or blog. At just $57 these packages of 57 pages of awesome content in multiple niches can drive traffic and convert your followers into buyers for years.

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One example of a 52 articles with 5 page report package is the Save Your Relationship APAP. This is a content packed package that includes 2,408 words, and the five page report is entitled “Save Your Relationship NOW!”

The report includes the following sections:

1.) Making Up 101

2.) Know Thyself

3.) Get Back That Loving Feeling

4.) Finding Purpose in Your Life – With or Without a Partner

The 52 articles/e-mails/blog posts that accompany the report run anywhere from 433 words to 548 words in length, with titles like:

  1. 7 Signs of Marriage Trouble – 548 words
  2. Do You Feel Like You’re in a Bad Marriage? – 517 words
  3. How to Save Your Marriage When It’s Horribly Fractured – 536 words
  4. Marriage Retreat: What’s in Store for Couples in Therapy? – 500 words
  5. Relationship Mistakes Married Women Make – 527 words
  6. Save Marriage Advice That Goes Against the Grain – 504 words
  7. Secrets Marriage Counselors Want to Share With You – 503 words
  8. Why Marriage Takes Work – 518 words

Here are just a few of the many topics and niches PLR Mini Mart produces PLR for:

Traffic generation PLR

Affiliate marketing PLR

Coaching PLR

Get your ex back PLR

Making money online PLR

Keyword research PLR

Online Marketing PLR

Dating PLR

Self-improvement PLR

Juicer and juicing PLR

Social media PLR

Offline Business PLR

We mentioned earlier that Tiffany Lambert has a wealth of topics that she covers on her PLR site. The few topics listed above are literally just the tip of the iceberg. You should drop by her site and take a look to fully understand the amount of valuable content available.

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At PLR Mini Mart, your public label rights products are delivered in several formats, including:

  • Autoresponder e-mails
  • Blog posts
  • Clickbank pre-sell reports
  • E-books and reports
  • 52 articles with a report pack
  • Affiliate product reviews
  • PLR articles
  • Resell rights PLR packages
  • Special bundles and sale-priced packages

Freebies and gifts they offer:

Ms. Lambert does not offer any types of freebies or gifts because, quite simply, she does not need to. The PLR quality is excellent, there are more topics than seen on just about any other PLR website, and they are delivered in multiple formats. You can sign up on her homepage to keep updated when Tiffany conducts her famous twice a year sale, and to place your request for a particular PLR topic or format.

Here are a few examples of the PLR titles PLR Mini Mart offers:

  • Reverse Phone Detective – Affiliate Product PLR Reviews
  • Working at Home on the Net – PLR Articles
  • Belly Fat Abs – Autoresponder E-Mails
  • Forex Mega Pack – 52 Articles and a Report PLR
  • Healthy Nutrition – Niche Starter Outline
  • Xbox 360 – PLR Article Pack
  • Extra Holiday Cash – PLR Bundle
  • Addictions – E-Book/Report PLR

Who this PLR is perfect for:

While standard online marketing PLR is found at PLR Mini Mart, a rich variety of PLR packages, topics and themes are available here which you simply will not find anywhere else. This site is perfect for you if you are having a tough time finding public label rights material in your particular niche or market.

And the price is right at just $1 per page.

Tiffany is also very responsive. At the bottom of every page of her website is a contact button. Drop her a line with your idea for some particular PLR material you do not see, and Ms. Lambert may even whip up a special batch that caters specifically to your needs.

This PLR site is also a great fit for business owners who do not want to spend a lot of money, but want quality content proven to convert traffic into sales.

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“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”