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Private Label eBooks: Make Money Selling Them as Your Own

By Bobby Blueblood

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More and more private label eBooks have been circulating the web in recent years. They are just like traditional electronic texts – the only difference is that, as a buyer, you’ll have the right to add your own name as the author of the eBook, and sell it yourself. These private label rights eBooks have the potential to earn you money, but only if you know how to use them properly.

Can Private Label Rights eBooks Earn You Money?

eBooks are big business these days. Although they’re generally more expensive than physical books, people are willing to pay thanks to the fact that they contain extremely targeted information that often solves a problem. eBooks also satisfy the needs of those who want information quickly: you can set them up to be downloaded instantly as soon as your buyer’s payment goes through.

Buying PLR eBooks means that the eBook was written by someone else who has chosen to sell it on to multiple buyers. The price will have been significantly reduced, yet you get all of the same benefits of hiring a ghostwriter. Your research and writing will have been done for you, but often for as low as just a dollar per page of content. This is a real savings compared to many times what you would pay otherwise to have someone write an eBook for you.

In this respect, buying private label eBooks could be the fastest way for you to create a product to sell – at whatever price you choose – without having to do any of the upfront work. This is something that is possible because of the web and would not have been possible in the 80s.

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Where to Buy PLR eBooks

There are a large number of vendors selling PLR eBooks: it’s up to you to do your research to ensure you’re buying from someone you can trust. Since eBooks are generally longer pieces of texts, they will cost more than a standard article, so find out whether you can see a sample before you pay for the eBook.

Often, paying a little more upfront to buy an eBook from an original, high quality writer can be worth more than finding eBooks that have been resold an untold number of times. It’ll help to make sure your eBook is fresh in the eyes of your customer base. You’ll also find that dealing with individual PLR sellers means that the information is more up to date than with bulk, cheap eBook packs that have been circulating for years.

Another good source could be a membership that offers eBooks. There are several of these that offer a complete package at reasonable or even low prices. This is definitely something to check out. These memberships offer two or more eBooks each month. Some of them have a few topics they write on all the time while others change topics every month.

In all the cases I’ve examined, the eBooks offered is way less cost of doing it yourself. While there may be no way to know the quality of the eBooks they offer it is easy to subscribe for just a month, get their offerings to verify if the quality is good. If not just cancel after the month and it would have only cost you a small amount, even a small fraction of doing it all yourself.

Complete PLR eBook And Graphics Packages

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If you want to save yourself even more time and extra effort, then it is possible to purchase private label eBooks along with graphics for your website. This may include cover graphics for the book itself, banner ads to promote the site, and even the full site design. Not all PLR sellers will offer this type of package, however, and you can generally expect to pay more for the privilege.

Even if you have to pay more for the graphics and possibly a mini website along with a salesletter it is almost surely worth it. A complete package all set to go with minimum changes will save you a lot of time. Because you could get your eBook to the public faster it will likely offset any extra money you may have had to pay for a complete package. Your money from sales can start that much sooner vs having to do more work and spend more time readying your eBook for sale.


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