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PLR usage rights – Understanding Private Label Rights Usage

By Painter wanna be Charles L Harmon

Fill your sites with weight loss contentPLR – private label rights – articles are a fantastic way of getting ready made, affordable content for your website, product and more. However, when buying these articles it’s important to understand how you can use them. Different PLR sellers will put different restrictions on their article packs, though these generally fall into a few popular categories. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most commonly used PLR usage rights or licenses for PLR.

Private Label Rights

Although the term “PLR” is commonly used to describe a wide range of content, in its strictest sense, private label rights means that you have the right to change the content, add your name as the author, and resell it for profit. However, there are limitations. Although different sellers may have different requirements, you’ll almost always find that you cannot sell on PLR rights to other customers.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights

This is the type of private label rights product that you CAN sell on to others, and they generally cost more. As the name suggests, it really is unrestricted, meaning you can do everything you’d do with standard PLR rights, as well as passing those rights onto your customers either by selling the articles or giving them away (it may depend on the individual terms set by the PLR seller).

Resale Rights

On top of getting private label rights for your PLR, you can also buy products with resale rights. What this means is that you CAN sell on the product for profit, but you cannot edit the content, change things around and claim authorship yourself. And you cannot pass on these rights to the people you sell it to.

Some sellers may give you master resale rights to the product, in which case you CAN pass on the resale rights to the people you sell the product onto!

How Do You Know What You’re Buying?

There is a lot of different terminology up there, and it can get confusing when you’re shopping for content and PLR! Private label rights sellers will usually do their best to help you by putting together license files. These will usually stipulate exactly what can and cannot be done with the content.

All kinds of usage rights have a number of different benefits. If you’re looking for content to create informational products or to fill up your website, then you’ll find that standard PLR – private label rights – usually fits the bill. And remember, if in doubt about how you can use the content, contact the author of the content and they’ll be happy to tell you what your rights are. This helps you to avoid any tricky gray areas regarding copyright!

Example PLR Usage Rights

  • [Yes] Products may be sold separately.
  • [Yes] Product may be bundled with other products.
  • [Yes] Product can be a bonus for another paid product.
  • [Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites.
  • [Yes] Can add bonuses to the Product for sale
  • [Yes] Can be sold as a physical product
  • [Yes] Can be sold as a digital product
  • [Yes] You may put your own name on the sales letter you create.
  • [Yes] You may rename the Product
  • [Yes] You may edit the content of the product
  • [Yes] You may use the source code/material to create new products
  • [Yes] Can translate the ebooks into other languages
  • [Yes] Can sell Resale Rights
  • [Yes] Can be used to make blog content or marketing videos.
  • [NO] You may use the name(s) of the author/creator/seller of the Product
  • [NO] Can be added to free membership sites
  • [NO] Can be given away for free (Can giveaway portions of the products as a teaser)
  • [NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
  • [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

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