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Using PLR Content – is it a Mistake?

By What’s in your studio? Charles L Harmon

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It’s amazing what a bad reputation Private Label Rights (PLR) content has in the online or Internet Marketing world. I was just reading an old blog post in which the author (who shall remain nameless) was blasting anyone who uses PLR, calling them some pretty unflattering names. In his opinion, anyone who uses PLR doesn’t care about their business and is doomed to failure. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! That’s a shallow, lopsided way of thinking.

WoW! As much as I have to disagree with his overall view, he did bring up some valid points:

“Junk PLR?”

He used the term “junk PLR” over and over again throughout his post, so I know he was referring to the poor-quality content that reads like it was written by a third-grader. Having been unfortunate enough to purchase some of that myself in the past, I understand his dissatisfaction.
PLR Junk?
It’s not only dissatisfaction, but money wasted if it happens to you. I’ve been burned more than once with articles that were written so poorly they were useless and had to be discarded.

However, nowadays things are changing! More and more professional writers are seeing the benefits of writing for a larger client base, rather than focusing solely on individual contracts. Most often, these are writers who have been earning a full-time income from their writing skills for years, and they know their topics well. The result is high-quality, professionally written material that can be very useful for the online business owner.

I’ll even go so far as to say that any hack writer who puts out junk content will not be in business for long. The only way to build a successful long-term writing business is to stand by your work and provide the utmost quality and value for your customers – whether you’re writing for one client at a time, or providing PLR content to many clients.

Lazy or untalented?

PLR content

This blog owner also seemed to be under the impression that anyone who uses PLR content is lazy or untalented and doesn’t want to put in the time and creativity to create their own products. It’s probably true that some people don’t want to create their own products – but I highly doubt the reason is laziness or lack of talent. Rather, I think that many people have great ideas and knowledge but don’t know how to form it into a finished e-product.

Either their writing skills are not strong enough, or they are pressed for time, or they just happen to find a great PLR product that already conveys the ideas they would have included in their own product. Sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity to turn PLR into something unique and that’s where you, the PLR buyer comes in.

There are as many valid reasons for using PLR content as there are business models. My client base includes professional life coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches, public speakers, internet marketers, professional bloggers and more. These people are anything BUT lazy and untalented! They have thriving businesses and they see real value in sharing quality content with their visitors.

“Provides no value?”

Duplicate content

Finally, this blog author was very firm in his belief that PLR content provides no value to the customer who purchases it because it’s being sold on other websites as well. This is a valid point because it’s very possible that a customer might end up purchasing the same ebook or report more than once, not realizing it’s the same material.

However, the majority of people understand the value in modifying PLR content so that it’s more unique to them. You don’t have to completely rewrite something in order to make it unique! What many people do is go through and insert their own comments, experiences and advice into the original copy. They may add a few exercises for the reader to help clarify the concepts, or even bundle the original copy with other PLR material so it creates a completely new product.

You could also add images to the PLR, which is what I do whenever I use Private Label Rights material. There are endless ways to do it. The true value the customer receives is in the ideas and concepts themselves. Do they help the customer? Does the material provide helpful advice and information that over delivers in value? If so, you’ve got a sure winner!

Content from the same news feeds”

Using PLR Content

Just consider this; lots of top rated sites on the web have news items and a lot of it is content from the same news feeds or sources. The different reporters sometimes put their own spin on it and the fact that a lot of those news items comes from the same source doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it’s on TV or printed on a website. Make the PLR content say what it does in your own way and you’re good to go.

So, after reading this, do you still feel that using PLR is a mistake like “Mr. Negative?” On the other hand do you see how it can work to your advantage, like so many other successful business owners today? It’s not about whether content is PLR or the idea that you didn’t create it from scratch, or whether other people have the same content, but all about how you use it to bring added value to your customers and visitors, that’s the important thing. Bring value to your content and the search engines will reward you with a better position in the searches and more traffic if you do.


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