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Anyone interested in games of all sorts could easily set up an eCommerce, affiliate, or other game website with My Best It would also work very well for a game review site. Imagine you could easily review the best games, the games you like or have played. It is very difficult to find a relevant .com game domain name that has a meaning and is also generic, but here’s one for the right business or person.

If you already have a going business in your niche then here is your chance to grab a relevant domain name to use for getting extra traffic to your site. Post articles, specials, sale items, promotional items on site with links to your main site. Use plenty of keywords to make sure you’ve covered many of the common phrases people might use to search for your products

If you don’t want to do it yourself you could always have me create a site for you. I never did have a site on this domain because I had other interests and also lack of time to promote such a site. I’ve decided it’s best if someone else could use the domain who has a passion or liking for games or wants to make a lot of money with a game related site.

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